Eric, your 2nd letter scares the dickens out of us … again!


Today’s letter scares the dickens out of us … again!

You may not have noticed that it’s 2015 and not 1859 when A Tail of Two Cities was published, which is a story about Paris and London in 1789 during the French Revolution, not exactly Georgetown however, nice poetic license and a great classic.

Unless you have found a way to get present revenues from an award-winning idea, Georgetown development is nothing but a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Almost ten years ago, Redding police has hired cops to serve the future Georgetown demand and the schools expanded their spending to accommodate the future additional students. Redding’s taxpayers are paying huge taxes part of which is to carry all these present costs supposedly to server the “future Georgetown development”.

Georgetown project is nothing but a dream! No developer or will ever invest in such a project without assuring demand for the new housing and the new commercial space.  And Eric, unlike the standard Republican economic dogma, if you build it they don’t come. Please consider that Redding is fortunate to be within driving distance from Manhattan where there is Columbia University and its Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning of which I am an alumnus. I believe they would be willing to take a look at this “award-winning” Georgetown development and give you and Redding, an expert opinion as well as confirming that real-estate development is the classic example of never, ever, build before 150% – 200% demand for the new development space is assured.  I will be happy to make the introduction.  However, if you don’t believe that, I suggest you invest your money in this award-winning project right now and let us know how it’s going.

Where are the people who would move to Redding and considering that plenty of empty commercial space is available in Bethel and Ridgefield and the other nearby towns, where is the commercial space demand in Redding? And because the previous 20 years of Republican management has intentionally transformed Redding into a gated community with wall made of money … lots and lots of money, where are the low and middle-income families who could afford to move to this future Georgetown award-winning development?

However, I understand why you have this dream. As you have proudly stated, your experience is in the military where, unlike the real world, spending is not tied to the corresponding revenues and spending is done before revenues are obtained. The military industrial complex, like Redding, has the taxpayers, you and me along with everyone else in Redding, as their source of revenue and all they have to do is bamboozle the voters to agree to tax increases and bingo … money is there to be spent. And that is exactly what the Republicans have done in Redding for the past 20 years and that is what you are proposing, isn’t it?

Redding doesn’t need irrational and unsustainable dreams of future revenues while they spend right now! Redding needs its expenses cut now, to reduce the current huge taxpayer’s burden! Redding doesn’t need a $2.2M police budget and 17 cops for 9000 people and zero crime. Redding can’t afford cops in schools, unless the parents are willing to pay for the service themselves. Redding can’t afford a $47.5M town budget and Redding can’t afford a growing school budget while the student population is decreasing and projected to continue to decrease for the foreseeable future. And most of all, Redding can’t afford yet another Republican administration after 20 years of Republicans colluding with the police department or their collective colossal mismanagement of the town’s budget and its people.

However, as I stated before, please email back any questions or opposing arguments, I would love to hear them.

Alexander Gray

Witt 2nd letter