Tonight, October 14 at 7:30 pm – Redding Community Center



Tonight at 7:30 pm, the League of Women Voters will host a debate between all the people who are currently running Redding and those who want the power back.

Redding’s budget went from $20M to $47.5M in less than 20 years while its population remained unchanged, the national inflation was less than 4% annually and crime, which was never a problem in Redding, disappeared. Redding’s police budget exploded from $582K in 1991-1992 to the current police budget of $2.2M while crime is essentially non-existent and the population in Redding remained unchanged. Redding’s school budget has continued to grow while the student population is decreasing placing Redding as the 10th most expensive town with a cost of more than $19k per student.

If you attend, and I hope you do, please try to ask the following questions:

Where is the business case for the Georgetown development project?

Why do they think that continuing to spend while looking for future revenues, which have a very low probability of becoming reality, is good governance?

Why Redding need to spend $2.2M on police?

Why all Redding’s taxpayers have to pay for two cops in schools, unlike any other town including Newtown? Why don’t the parents support this expense?

Why Redding has never audited the police department spending?

Why is Mazzucco determined to move police spending into the school budget?

Where is the plan to attract more students to JBHS promised by M. Thompson two years ago?

Why isn’t Redding implementing “zero-based budgeting” process particularly at the police department?

Georgetown project is a dream! No developer will ever invest in such a project without assuring demand for the new housing and the new commercial space. Contrary to the standard economic dogma, if you build it they don’t come. Real-estate development is the classic case of never, ever, building before 150% – 200% demand for the new development space is assured. Where are the people who would move to Redding and considering that plenty of empty commercial space is available in Bethel and Ridgefield and the other nearby towns, where is the commercial space demand in Redding? And because the previous 20 years of Republican management has intentionally transformed Redding into a gated community with wall made of money … lots and lots of money, where are the low and middle-income families who could afford to move to this future Georgetown award-winning development?

Redding doesn’t need irrational and unsustainable dreams of future revenues while they spend right now! Redding needs its expenses cut now, to reduce the huge on the taxpayers now!