Mr. Normnutman … don’t ass-u-me!

Benny HillReply to Mr. Normnutman originally posted on The Redding Pilot website and promptly deleted by them.  See copy of Mr. Normnutman comment bellow.

Mr. Normnutman,

Benny Hill was a great comedian and in many ways also a philosopher. One of his many valuable lessons was to never, ever assume because when you ass-u-me, you make an “ass” of “u” and “me”. You might want to remember it.

Regarding your assumptions that I am an expert in real estate development, as you call it “RE development”, I merely suggested that Redding would benefit from an educated opinion regarding the “award winning project” in Georgetown, unless Redding’s Republicans consider themselves experts already, not a big surprise. And relying on anecdotal information about other places in Connecticut is well … stupid because, as you might know this already, the first thing about real estate value is location, and the second, and third … you get the idea. The Republican slogan “If you build it they will come” is just a myth! There is no demand for either commercial space or “condos” in Georgetown no matter how hard we want it to be. And regardless, spending now and hoping that future revenues will save us is well … political hot air through which most rational people can see quite well.

And you might find comfort on thinking that Redding can get away with calling condos low and medium income housing but you would be wrong. I would suggest you review the affordable housing act under which Redding is required to have 10% of it’s housing well … affordable as described by the law.

Regarding the police department in Redding, Fuchs’ kingdom, I am not suggesting the complete elimination of the service as you assume remember the lesson about ass-u-me? Redding can’t afford or needs to spend $2.2M on 17 cops! Since 1999 when Natalie Ketcham and Fuchs have made a deal to give Fuchs his own police department, at our expense, its budget has exploded at a rate of 8% annually while the population and housing stock has remained unchanged while crime is inexistent. Not only that but Fuchs and Ketcham have colluded to extract huge amount of money from Redding’s taxpayers to pay for cops to service the future Georgetown development and two school taking shameless advantage of the tragedy in Newtown. Redding can’t afford a $2.2M police budget and 17 cops. If the police budget would have grown at the national rate of 4% or less annually, the police budget would have been $1.2M – $1.5M and that is what it should be and if Fuchs can’t provide adequate service for this amount he should be replaced for, the are plenty of qualified people who would love to get his pay and have zero risk.

Regarding the town budget, you should take the time to go to the library and study the huge Redding Annual Report collation they have on hand going back 40 or more years. Natalie Ketcham inherited a town budget of $20M and for the following 14 years of her mismanagement she managed to increase it to $47.5M. Do the math or ask a 10 year old to do it for you, that is not a 4% annual growth, unless you are using the Republican Party math.

Redding has one of the highest per student cost in Connecticut and based on your argument and logic, the school budget could never decrease regardless of how many students attend. Based on your thinking and school’s inability to decease the budget to match the student body, Redding taxpayers should support a $23M annual budget until there are no more students which is what will happened if we continue to make Redding a place to avoid due to the exorbitant and unsustainable taxes its residents have to pay.

For the past 20 years, Redding has been mismanaged by an irresponsible bunch of Republicans who don’t even represent the Republican philosophy of reducing taxes. For whatever reason, these Republican mutants have taken over the local government in Redding and proceeded to increase taxes, collude with the police and intentionally gentrified the town thereby excluding middle and low income earners from being able to live here and counterbalance their addiction to spending.

Mr. Normnutman comment from The Redding Pilot:

Since you are an obvious expert in RE development, why don’t you tell us what recent studies have indicated? Maybe you have heard these words relating to inventory? “location, location, location”. Take a look at Stamford off of exit 7. After Malloy destroyed Stamford, like he is the state, BLT came in and transformed the area to a beautiful location in a former armpit of the city. They brought in new housing when the community said there was too much. They brought in restaurants and other businesses that previously was industrial or a dump. Now, it is a destination. If a private investor is willing to invest and transform that area into something beautiful and useful, then by all means do it.

You want to pay less taxes? Then bring in a commercial base to help pay those taxes. Lower income housing? Ever hear of apartments and condos? I highly doubt the intention is to generate Section 8 housing, but there is a severe lack of apartments in this town.

You want to cut the budget, then what do you suggest? Ok, assuming you to eliminate the police force since we had no crime. We don’t need them since the crime is zero. Might as well cut EMS and Fire Dept. We don’t have many medical emergencies or fires either. You indicated in a prior post that the budget went from $20m to $47.5m in 20 years. Ok, that is roughly a 4% annual increase. CPI shows that as a bit high, but what about standard of living increases for the employees of Redding? Are they entitled to raises? If so, what is fair? 1%? Please tell me.

What are your suggestions on the schools? Yes, enrollment is dropping, but not by an amount that would impact the budget. If you drop each grade by 2, 3 or 5 kids, how do you expect that to change the cost? You are not going to fire teachers or combine a grade, but the cost per kid goes up. Bring in younger families via housing then your cost per kid goes down.

Sadly you are a prime example of a Democrat who has no solutions, just likes to point out the problems for someone else to fix.